City Code

The City Code is available and searchable online.

Adopted Ordinances Not Yet Included in City Code

2017-14 An ordinance amending the Faribault City Charter by amending chapter 7 of the City Charter

2017-15 An ordinance amending the Faribault City Charter by amending chapter 7 section 7.11.0f the City Charter

2017-16 An ordinance amending modifying section 2-7 of the Faribault City Code regarding the salaries of the Mayor and City Council Members

2017-17 An ordinance vacating a portion of a City roadway and utility easement located along the east side of Rice County highway 46 north of Airtech Drive
2018-1 An ordinance annexing certain property in Warsaw Township at 1101 Faribault Road

2018-4  An ordinance amending Chapter 15, section 15-61, regarding parking violation fines 

2018-5 An ordinance amending Chapter 28 setting water utility rates

2018-3 An ordinance amending the Unified Development Ordinance, Section 6-180, Residential Accessory Building

An ordinance amending section 25-116 through section 25-137 of Article VI of chapter 25 of the Faribault City Code

2018-7 An Ordinance rezoning Certain property from TUD Transitional Urban Development District to I-2 Heavy Industrial District at 17250 Acorn Trail and Surrounding Area

2018-8 An Ordinance Rezone property in the Met-Con Business Park from TUD,Transitional Urban Development District to I-1, Light Industrial District and I-2, Heavy Industrial District


If you have any question on these ordinances, please contact Assistant to the City Administrator Heather Slechta at 507-333-0353.