RFQ: Strategic Comprehensive Plan Update, Downtown Master Plan, & Parks, Trails, & Open Space Plan

Last updated November 3, 2017

​The City of Faribault, Minnesota is requesting qualifications from highly experienced urban planning and design consultants to update the City’s Comprehensive Plan, to prepare a Downtown Master Plan, and to prepare a Parks, Trails, and Open Space Plan. This project may also involve the preparation of additional subarea plans.

Click here to view the Comprehensive Plan Update -- Request for Qualifications

​The City intends to select a consultant through this Request for Qualifications (RFQ) process who best addresses the City’s needs. Once selected, the chosen consultant and the City will negotiate a detailed work program and a final budget for this project. The City has budgeted a maximum of $400,000.00 to complete this work (roughly $250,000 for the Comprehensive Plan and Downtown Master Plan and roughly $150,000 for a Parks, Trails, and Open Space Plan). The City anticipates the selected consultant will start work on this project in January 2018 and complete the work within 12 to 18 months, with intermediate deadline dates.

Consultants responding to this RFQ should mail or deliver seven (7) hard copies of the submission and an electronic copy of the submission (on a flash drive, CD, or DVD) to the following address by 5:00 PM CST on Monday, November 13, 2017:

David Wanberg, AICP – City Planner
208 1st Avenue NW
Faribault, MN 55021

​Click here to view a list of consultants interested in responding to this RFQ.

​Click here to view the City's official responses to questions.


To listen to a recording of the webinar held on October 26 related to the RFQ, click on the following link: http://vidtcs1.mnlearning.net/tcs/#page:recordingList&pageNumber:1&id:A39E7726-4BA5-4ACD-B02B-C15FC6608348 and enter the password 102617. Please note, that the recording started ten minutes early, so fast-forward approximately ten minutes to the start of the presentation. Also, note that the recording only includes the conversation and the PowerPoint slides. It does not include video of the speakers at the webinar.

Past Studies:

The City has conducted numerous studies in the past that consultants may find useful in understanding the community. *Links to relevant past studies and plans are provided below:

2003 Comprehensive Plan

North I-35 Corridor Study

Faribault Now and Then Video

Community Vision 2040

Results of 2016 Word Art Exercise describing Faribault Today and in the Future

Results of 2016 Idea Generation Workshop

2012 Rice County Housing Study

2016 Preliminary Feasibility Study related to Faribault’s Creative Sector

1993 Straight River Master Plan related to the Downtown

Faribault Natural Resources Inventory and Management Plan, August, 2002

Faribault Energy Action Plan

2016 Report on Understanding Faribault’s Economy

*The consultant will have access to additional studies as needed.

If you have any questions or comments, feel free to contact David Wanberg, City Planner at:  dwanberg@ci.faribault.mn.us or (507) 333-0350.